Investment Planning

Successful financial planning and management have never been easy. Many people do not have the time or the expertise to make sound investment choices or continually monitor the performance of those choices.

We comprehensively manage client assets in individual portfolios, unique to their personal preferences, risk tolerance and individual needs.  We use a combination of asset classes and investment options providing diversification to achieve the stated goal of each client.

Investment Management Objectives:

 Growth of capital to both counter inflation and to provide a true return 
 Income sufficient for your retirement needs and for regular reinvesting

Preservation of investment capital by lessening volatility and through diversification of asset sectors and investments

Some of these investment options include:
 Mutual Funds
 U.S. stock funds 
 U.S. bond funds 
 Foreign stock funds 
 Foreign bond funds 
 Specialized funds by industry 
 Specialized funds geographically 
 Specialized funds by asset sector
 Individual Securities
 Index funds 
 Government bonds 
 Corporate bonds 
 Municipal bonds 
 U.S. stocks 
 Foreign stocks traded in the U.S. 
 Real estate-oriented securities 

 Asset Allocation:

Asset allocation is the foundation of any long-term investment strategy. It is based on the concept that not all investments behave the same way during the same period of time. By properly adhering to your asset allocation model (based on your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance), it is possible to contain volatility risk while seeking a return that maintains your investment objectives.


Diversification means that multiple stocks, bonds and other investments will be used within each industry, asset sector and world market. We try never to entrust any allocated sector to just one security or fund. In addition, we research all fund companies' culture and practices before using them in client accounts.

Fundamental analysis:

Markets over time inevitably follow fundamentals. That includes the status of the economy, the industry and the individual company's securities. Our methodology considers research from many of the major research organizations as well as our own  research. Our research focuses on an analysis of earnings and cash flow together with market share, depth of management, industry dominance, uniqueness of product and many other factors.